What My Toddler Ate This Week: Week 5 Quick Edition

I am back!

These last few weeks have been such a struggle for me in all aspects of my life! So sadly Amzys meals have been on the back burner and I’ve barely managed. I took of a few pictures of the best meals she has had throughout the past couple of weeks. I will try my best to get it together. Also we scored a few new plates at Target (of course) on black Friday for 45 cents!

Breakfast: This was a winner and always is on the days i am barely surviving.

Banana, with vanilla Greek yogurt and regular cheerios!

She will literally lick the plate and ask for more.

Quick Breakfast week 5

Lunch: This takes me about 5 minutes to prepare and it is something I know she will eat.

Dino nuggets, a cut up cheese stick, and her favorite fruits! I just cut the grapes with my grape slicer (you need one). This meal has been in rotation far too many times the last few weeks.

Quick Lunch week 5

Dinner: This right here screams “cool mom” LOL Hey I am human and sometimes this is my reality. Gluten free macaroni, ripped up honey ham. (yes I said ripped) and some fruit! After this she wanted more so I gave her a little yogurt with chia seeds and she was HAPPY. So it was a win.

Quick Dinner Week 5